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Driving for Work | ISM ProDrive

Driving for Work

What is a ‘Driving for Work’ Policy?


According to the RSA and the HSA, ‘Driving for Work’ covers any person who drives as part of their work either in a vehicle provided by their employer or their own vehicle.

It means that Companies are required to carry out an assessment of driving for work risks. Crucially, its means that all employees have been assessed to ensure that they have the skills for driving. Training must be provided on an ongoing basis, where necessary.

How does the law affect me?


As an employer, you have responsibilities under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005.

Under your ‘Duty of Care’, you are required to provide specific training to ensure that the driver is fully qualified and aware of his or her responsibilities.

Failing to implement a ‘Driving for Work’ Policy means that Directors may be prosecuted for a work-related road collision if it is proven they have not managed safety properly.

How do I ensure I am covered?

You need to ensure that all your drivers are assessed as soon as possible.

We currently provide a number of Ireland’s largest fleets with bespoke training to support them in maintaining a successful ‘Driving for Work’ Policy.

Online Training

Our online courses are easily accessible and accounts can be set up in moments

On Road Training

Our On Road Training Courses easily allow you to manage the risk long term

Fleets are missing out on substantial savings by ignoring a major factor affecting fuel economy: the driver.

The impact of training on driving style is clear, …drivers are more aware of other drivers’ actions and they have a greater appreciation of risk and are more focused on fleet efficiency

ISM ProDrive removes the risk and makes ‘Driving for Work’ easy

What can a successful ‘Driving for Work’ Policy do for me?

Drivers have the biggest single impact on Fuel Consumption and Safety in your organisation.

An effective ‘Driving for Work’ Policy ensures that you are doing everything you can to keep your employees safe while on the road.

It ensures that you are fully compliant as an employer under the rules as outlined by both the RSA and the HSA in managing driving for work safely.

While drivers are responsible for how they drive, you as an employer have duties in helping to make driving for work safer.

Other Benefits:


Reduced risk of work-related accidents

Reduced running costs such as fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance through better driving standards

Less downtime with fewer vehicles off the road for repair

Reduced stress, improved morale and job satisfaction

Benefits contract tendering and business development processes

The Business Case for Managing Road Risk at Work

The report clearly states the practical importance of Risk Assessment, particularly a Driver Risk Assessment and Training Programme. It is also a basic requirement of EU Legislation.

“One high-profile collision involving a company-owned vehicle bearing a company logo can have a long lasting negative impact on a company’s image. At the other end of the scale, being recognised externally for performing well in fleet safety can be an effective marketing tool”.

Would you like your fleet to be safe, efficient and compliant?